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Hey! It's the anon that was talking about applying for Peter and I just wanted to let you know that I'm definitely applying! His app is half done and I should hopefully get it in on Tuesday or Wednesday! :3 If you couldn't tell, I'm very excited about possibly being a member here! <33

Yay! This makes us so happy like you have no idea! We can’t wait to read your wonderful app! <33

-APV Admins

Character Questions



200: My crush’s name is:
199: I was born in:
198: I am really:
197: My cellphone company is:
196: My eye color is:
195: My shoe size is:
194: My ring size is:
193: My height is:
192: I am allergic to:
191: My 1st car was:
190: My 1st job was:
189: Last book you read:
188: My bed is:
187: My pet:

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I am thinking of applying, but I was in this roleplay before and had to leave due to time commitment issues. Will this affect my application?

You may certainly return if your activity will be up to par at this time! The only reason we would not allow an ex member to return is if they were dismissed for excessive inactivity and many warnings. If you are worried, message us! Otherwise, it should be fine :)

-APV Admins

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Who are your most wanted females?

Good question, love bug!

Our advice to any potential applicant is to always go for whatever character you feel you can connect with the most. At APV, we like for members to really feel passionate about their characters because that just makes for a better experience for our writers overall. We love when we find members who fall in love with their character and who can really explore their ins and outs on a myriad of levels :)

With that said, we would love to see a Bellatrix Lestrange! Who wouldn’t want to be one of the most badass characters from Harry Potter? :) We’d also love to see an Alice Longbottom, Walburga Black, and any of the neutral characters! If you are truly open minded, feel free to write up applications for any character and as many applications as you’d like before submitting one that you feel you click with best :)

Let us know if you have other questions and best of luck! Can’t wait to read your application :)

-APV Admins

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How do you pronounce "pyrrhic"?

Probably incorrectly, anon ;)

I personally have always pronounced it “pie-rick” but I believe it is correctly pronounced more like “pear-ric.” 

Thanks for the question!

-APV Admins

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what is the current date in the RP

It’s Valentine’s Day! February 14, 1979! Though we don’t go by days exactly. We go by time periods. Members can post any date before February 14th but not yet after. :)

Make sure to check out the prompt blog for our latest prompt and check the main page (some posts down) to like whichever prompt(s) you’d like to be paired for! We plan on pairing tonight. :)

-APV Admins

Application Count
  • Remus Lupin (1 application, closing Tuesday, 9:00PM EST)
Application Accepted: Alecto Carrow

Name: Keira
Timezone: EST.

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If I get him I'll let you lick his face all you want. I mean thank you!!

Really? Man, I think I love you! :)

-APV Admins

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