Sturgis Podmore (1 application- Closing Monday, 9:00PM EST)
Fabian Prewett (1 application- Closing Monday, 9:00PM EST)
  • Sturgis Podmore (1 application- Closing Monday, 9:00PM EST)
  • Fabian Prewett (1 application- Closing Monday, 9:00PM EST)

The following people have received an official activity warning and must post within 48 hours or risk their being reopened. (PLEASE POST WE LOVE YOU!)

  • Molly Weasley
  • Barty Crouch Jr.
  • Regulus Black

The following must increase their activity to meet minimal requirements:

  • Gideon Prewett

The following are on hiatus:

  • Millicent- Hiatus until August 25th
  • Sirius- Hiatus until September 5th
  • Benjy- Hiatus until August 29th
  • Orion- Hiatus until August 26th
  • Mary & Emmeline- Hiatus until August 27th

The following have indicated a desire to be paired for a para. Please like this post if you would also like to be paired.

  • Bellatrix Lestrange & Orion Black
  • Barty Crouch Jr & Remus Lupin
  • Regulus Black & Druella Black
  • Abraxas Malfoy & Narcissa Malfoy
  • Vincent Crabbe & Marlene McKinnon

The following have also indicated a desire and will be paired upon further interest:

  • Igor Karkaroff


Anonymous solemnly swore:
Hi! I was wondering do you have a Theo James fc? (I couldn't find one but I wanted to ask before I applied) Thanks!

Hello darling! 

There is currently no Theo James FC. However, I suggest you read through the bios and find a character that you click with in terms of personality and your own writing abilities/desires! :) You can always change the FC on a bio you like!

I hope you’ll apply! Can’t wait to hear from you :)


Application accepted: Dorcas Meadowes

Name: Cartman
Timezone: PST

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Anonymous solemnly swore:
I just applied (you guys will be my first Tumblr RP if I get accepted) and I'm wanting to know when acceptance is? I also want you to know I /love/ the blog and am quite excited to know if I get to join! :)

Hey darling :)

Acceptances are always listed on the updated app count, which can be found right on over here! Dorcas is closing this Thursday at 9:00PM EST! 

Super excited to read the applications and make a decision! <3

Let me know if you need anything else.

And thank you so freaking much for your compliments omfg I can never get over how nice you people are! skdjfhkjsdhfasdjfsajdfkjsadfkljd!!!


Members, remember to check out the ‘apvstarter’ tag!

There are some opens in there that have yet to be replied to! :)


Character Prompts!

Send them around to get your mind flowing or if you’re waiting on paras!


☁- Our muses in a thunderstorm.

✿- Our muses in a garden.

♫- Our muses at a concert.

☏- One of the muses giving the other a prank call.

★- Our muses looking at the stars.

†- Our muses in a church.

☤- One of our muse’s is hurt.

❤- Our muses are both alone on valentine’s day.

☢- Our muses during a radioactive breakout.

☠- One of our muse’s died, and the other is at the grave. (possibly ghost or drabble)

✈- Our muses on a plane.

▲- Our muses on an elevator. 

▼- Our muses in a broken elevator.

Anonymous solemnly swore:
For one the graphics here are absolutely incredible, great job on that. I just scrolled down and came across it and the graphics, the wonderful writing, and the organization is stunning to the eye. It caught me in simple terms, I will be joining very soon and will be very active with this roleplay. I am delighted to say that, because this looks so fun, so expect an application soon lovely or lovelies and keep up with the great work! :) ~Brittani M.


You perfect human being you!

Thank you so much for the compliments :) I owe much of the credit to our lovely Evan Rosier & Peter Pettigrew player, Alex. She designed the character pages layout and put so much work into it over the past week. I’m very excited that you noticed! I am not so magnificent at working HTML so her expertise has made this page far more gorgeous than it used to be ;)

Many of the gifs that you see on the APV page were designed by our wonderful Mary MacDonald & Emmeline Vance player, Nai. That girl knows her way around the gif making ways and let me tell you, I don’t even know how she does it!

The ads and original character graphics were designed by yours truly (and some of the ads by members who have participated in challenges).  


Anyway, thank you :) That really means a lot!

I am also super thrilled to hear that you are going to apply! Everyone here at APV adores new members and I’m sure we’d all welcome you with open arms for whatever character you so decide to pursue :) askjdfh!!!


Get over here and hug me, please!


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