A Victory Won By Incurring Terrible Losses A First Wizarding War Harry Potter Roleplay 1978. The beginning of the First Wizarding War. It has come on quickly and those involved are fighting between madness and sanity as they are forced into battle, never to return whole again. We are a mature Harry Potter roleplay with an emphasis on psychological horror. We are not for the faint of heart. RP open since March 7, 2013. Accepting auditions.

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I was wondering if you could suggest alternative FCs for Arabella Figg?

We are more than willing to accept anyone you so desire if you apply and are chosen :)

But here are some suggestions, anyway!:  We’ve used Emily Blunt in the past! We can also see Emilia Clarke, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara, Phoebe Tonkin, or Kat Dennings! (Those are just suggestions off the top of my head). 

Hopefully that helps! We would love an application for her :)

-APV Admins

Rookwood or Pettigrew, who do you need more?

Hey anon! 

We need whoever you desire to play more! <3 We ask that our applicants apply for whichever character they think is best suited for them and their writing styles! :) 

We could actually use either of them equally if truth be told. Peter is essential for the Marauders, of course, but we do desperately want/need more Death Eaters!

If you need some more specific advice, feel free to come ask questions!

Hope that helps (:

-APV Admins

Paras & Convos

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— APV Admins

Follow Molly!
Unfollow Lucius

Due to a character change.

Application accepted: Molly Weasley

Name: Brooke
Timezone: CST

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Follow Amycus
Did you accept any of the applications?

Hi Anon,

We sure did! Hammering out some details as we speak. Fret not! Better late than never.

— APV Admins

Application accepted: Amycus Carrow

Name: Tessa
Timezone: PST

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