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Anonymous solemnly swore:
I just wanted to say this to you.. Your roleplay is amazing. Like really. The maturity and theme. And the fact that you've stuck as close to canon as possible especially with the ages and not tweaked it like the other roleplays just soo that everyone is in school or the same age. :) also thank you for using a variety of faces and not using only the typical TVD/TW FCs. (You could think of adding some transgenger characters)

And I want to say this to you:

YOU are amazing! That compliment just made my life, love dove! I’m so happy you’ve taken time out of your day to check out my little ol’ RP and send in this amazing, loving message <3 :) kjashdfkjahsdfkjhdsaf!!!

Now get over here and let me give you a huge hug. <3 *squeezes anon tight*

You ought to get your little bum into the application section and join! We’d all love to have you here. :)


Anonymous solemnly swore:
Can I write a slight AUish para sample? And is godmoding of other character allowed in the para sample?

Sure thing, buttercup! I’m concerned with writing style/ability and a display of your ability to write something a little darker in nature over content!

God modding is allowed in para samples and drabbles :)

Thanks for checking out APV and I look forward to your application! <3


Anonymous solemnly swore:
I really want to apply but none of the open characters at the moment really spark muse. Is there a chance that you'll be posting more bios in the near future?

Hello love bug!

Yes, there will be more bios coming in the near future! Crux has just been very busy and having difficulty thinking of new ideas for biographies while trying to match them to current character head canons.

Mostly, there will be more Knights of Walpurgis added though I have a few Order Members in mind as well (mostly male characters).

In any case, small bio changes are welcome if that is something you’re interested in! <3

Hope you’ll apply! :) Make sure you’re following us so you don’t miss bio postings or possible character re-openings :)


Anonymous solemnly swore:
Tips on how to attract mature characters? :) (30+) I feel like most RPs are very teenage based.

Do you mean mature players?

I personally don’t think age necessarily indicates maturity, darling! At APV we have a wide range of ages (16-30+).

I’m actually unsure what drew out our older crowd (I’m 25 myself), but I’ve made it clear in our rules, advertisements, and throughout the RP that players must handle themselves maturely regardless of age. 

I think you just have to make your theme, plot, and rules very clear as to what you’re looking for, darling! :) 


Anonymous solemnly swore:
<3 Chris Pratt as an FC? <3 Please? <3

Sure thing love dove! Just send in an application and you’re welcome to change the FC of whatever character you’re most interested in playing :) <3 



The following have indicated a desire for a para. Please like this post if you would also like to be paired.

  • Alice Longbottom & Peter Pettigrew
  • Augusta Longbottom & Fabian Prewett


Anonymous solemnly swore:
Do you keep applications of previous applicants? Because I had applied long back, and like a major klutz I have lost/can't find my original copy and I was wondering if I could come to you and get a part of my app..

I don’t, darling =(

I’m actually very OCD about my inbox and have to delete things as soon as I take note of them/answer them/accept or reject apps. I don’t know how people can keep hundreds of messages in their inboxes without going mad! 

In any case, the application has changed about fifteen times over the past six months so it’s likely that your original application wouldn’t fit the new one, anyway. If you were accepted and your old blog is still in place and you’re applying for the same character, you could find an old para you wrote on there for your sample at least, yeah? :)

I hope you’ll apply! <3


Anonymous solemnly swore:
omg did knights of walpurgis have anything to do with hirp?

So I just googled hirp and found the following:

Health Inequalities Research Program. Just going to go ahead and give that one a solid nope. It has very little to do with that, though the Knights are super into inequality against Muggle-borns and Muggles and all that jibber jabber!

I also found Hogwarts Interactive Roleplay for Facebook, and since that’s a touch more relevant to what APV is, I’m going to assume that’s what you’re referring to ;) And no, we have nothing to do with them!

The Knights of Walpurgis were the canon name JK Rowling created to describe the original name of the Death Eaters. I took my own spin on that and decided it might be interesting if the original followers of Voldemort from way back when when dear old Voldy first started out decided to rise up again in show of support. They’re technically Death Eaters, but most of them are of the older generation (i.e. parents and relatives of our younger Death Eaters, most from the Sacred Twenty-Eight). They’re more experienced and quieter in their approach, but just as deadly and terrifying ;)

I hope that makes sense! <3


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