A Victory Won By Incurring Terrible Losses A First Wizarding War Harry Potter Roleplay 1978. The beginning of the First Wizarding War. It has come on quickly and those involved are fighting between madness and sanity as they are forced into battle, never to return whole again. We are a mature Harry Potter roleplay with an emphasis on psychological horror. We are not for the faint of heart. RP open since March 7, 2013. Accepting auditions.

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Due to a loss of muse. Alex will be staying as Frank and Evan.


Please make sure to check the tag ‘apvstarter’! There are a few open gif convos/paras on there that haven’t been replied to if you’re in the mood to start something new! :)

-APV Admins

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This rp is fantastic. Great work. How active is it?

Oh you! Get your shiny aviators on over here so I can put them on and feel very Zac Efron (let me say one thing and one thing only- to be admins or members of APV you have to be totally off your rocker).

Anywho, thank you! :) we appreciate the feedback and we are glad you took the time to take a look through our roleplay! We hope you’ll consider applying! :)

As far as activity- we are very active. Like any rp, we have times where the dash is a bit slow (many members are in school and unfortunately, due to the somewhat global method of learning through examinations and finals, we have a lot of members slow on activity during those times). However, we uphold a rather intense activity policy! It seems to work wonders for us as we have been very active for over a year now with no plans of slowing! ;) someone is almost always on, though!

Though active, if you are willing to put a little effort in a few days a week, it’s not difficult to keep up. We have 40 some odd characters, so it’s a healthy sized group but not overwhelming!

In any event- if you’re looking for a friendly environment to learn and grow as a writer with amazing support both IC and OOC, then look no further! We plan on sticking around until the last characters die, no matter what. (:

Wow that was long winded. I apologize.

if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. (But you have been warned- sometimes we simply can’t shut up ;)!).
Thanks again!

-APV Admins

I was wondering if you could suggest alternative FCs for Arabella Figg?

We are more than willing to accept anyone you so desire if you apply and are chosen :)

But here are some suggestions, anyway!:  We’ve used Emily Blunt in the past! We can also see Emilia Clarke, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara, Phoebe Tonkin, or Kat Dennings! (Those are just suggestions off the top of my head). 

Hopefully that helps! We would love an application for her :)

-APV Admins

Rookwood or Pettigrew, who do you need more?

Hey anon! 

We need whoever you desire to play more! <3 We ask that our applicants apply for whichever character they think is best suited for them and their writing styles! :) 

We could actually use either of them equally if truth be told. Peter is essential for the Marauders, of course, but we do desperately want/need more Death Eaters!

If you need some more specific advice, feel free to come ask questions!

Hope that helps (:

-APV Admins

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